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Event API v1.0

The current version of the API is 1.0. It provides access to data in a similar way as the previous version via event endpoints. One is used for searching current and upcoming events from all organizers. The other is used to get additional data about a single event. There are also endpoints to list organizers with current events, some more details about an organizer and currently published events from a specific organizer.

Your API key must be provided with each request, either via the X-API-KEY HTTP header or the api_key query parameter.

The API enforces rate limiting with a maximum amount for requests per hour. Every response includes information about the rate limit and your remaining requests for the current hour in the response headers X-RATELIMIT-LIMIT and X-RATELIMIT-REMAINING. "Current hour" is not reset on the top of every hour. Instead, we count the number of requests in five minute slots.

Available requests and responses are documented in the OpenAPI format on the API site.