Event Data API

The API can be used to query our event database for information about all our upcoming events.

In order to use the API you must have an API-key. If you don't already have one please fill out the API-key request form and we'll send you one.

The basics

Retrieval of event data is done through a restful read-only http API which responds in json. TLS 1.2 or higher is required.

Please use our API with care and cache results where applicable. If we detect abuse we'll revoke your API key. If you wish to discuss implementation best-practices feel free to contact us.

URL template for all method calls


Current latest api version is 0.4

Required request parameters


There is a general limit of 200 request an hour per apikey. We expect you to use our API responsibly. If you are interested having a complete list of all upcoming events have a look at our Event Api Dump

API Methods

Currently the API support two types of method calls.

Event search

Using free form search queries or pre-built retrieval methods such as events by organizer, venue and so on implementers are able to use event search methods to query our database of upcoming events.

Event search returns a high-level overview of events with the most important information such as event name, start date, venue and so on.

Read more about event search methods.

Event details

Contrary to event search methods which return a sparse overview of an event, a call to event details will (not surprisingly) return a very detailed response with a bunch of information such as organizer provided event description, pricing details, tags, performers and more not available from search results.

Read more about event details.