API dumps

Available since: 0.2/2011-09-27

Use this API if you...

    • Need to maintain a complete offline-copy off all upcoming Tickster events

    • Don't need greater update frequency than once every 24h

Don't use this API if you...

    • Have a solution which requires you to execute all integration code in client-side code (javascript)

    • Are only interested in one, or a small number of, events


Before 0.2, if you needed to pull all of Ticksters upcoming events included the extended event information (Event details) you had to:

    1. Query the upcoming events search endpoint (preferable with the maximum take possible)

    2. Store all event ids returned from the search result

    3. Increase the skip parameter with the returned count and repeat step 1 until there's no more events available

    4. Query event details for each of the returned ids

An understandably cumbersome process.

As of 0.2 we will be publishing daily dumps of all upcoming events with extended event information (event details) for every event.

How to use this API

Url template for event dump api


Returns a json-object containing the key of the most recently published dump as well as the location of the dump-file.

Example response

Description of response object

The dump file

Once you've received the dump file location by making a request as detailed above you'll need to download the actual dump file. The file is stored using gzip-compression. This means that the your http client either needs to conform to the standard and accept gzip-compressed content or you'll have to manually decompress the content once you've downloaded it. We're currently storing our event dumps on Amazon S3 and as such we're unable to support the Accept-Encoding header as we should.

Properly behaving http clients will have no problem reading the dump file as-is.

Sample of dump file contents

Description of dump file contents


We've published an example written in c# for retrieving the location of, downloading, and processing the dump file.

It's available as a GitHub Gist file at https://gist.github.com/1234641


There is a general limit of 200 request an hour per apikey. We expect you to use our API responsibly. For this API you should ideally only make one call per 24 hour period although we recognize that under development you'll need to perform the call much more often. If you wish to discuss implementation best-practices feel free to contact us.


    • When are daily dumps published?

      • We're currently publish dumps at ~7.00 UTC but you should add some padding between that and when you execute your pull logic to ensure that the we have had enough time to do complete our publish run. Our current recommendation is to wait 1 hour after the dump is published before you attempt to download the daily dump. Also see our section about push notification to determine if that approach is applicable to you.