Event search

Event search methods are a class of methods which share common request parameters and all return the same results.

Generic event search


Optional parameters common to all search methods

Structure of search results

All search methods return at least the following three parameters

Depending on the amount of returned events (if any) the following parameters will also be included.

Hit elements

The hits array consists of a number of event search hit objects (as many as specified by the count parameter). The following parameters are available for each search result.

Filtered search methods

Sometimes it's counter-intuitive to search through all of Ticksters events. Say for example that you're an organizer implementing an event list on your homepage. In that case you'd like to be sure that you don't get any of your competitors events showing up. That's when you should turn to filtered search methods. These endpoints selects a subset of our database for querying. We're planning on introducing more filtered search methods and if there's any particular subset that would make your day a bit easier please don't hesitate to contact us.

Events by organizer


Returns events organized by the specified organizer

Events by venue


Returns events at the specified venue

Upcoming events

Search methods are very flexible but if you're an event aggregator you probably just want to drink from the firehose. That's possible through the upcoming events endpoint. It will return all of our forthcoming events ordered by their start date. As with all search methods you may certainly filter this further by including the 'q' query string parameter (example: /upcoming?q=city:stockholm).

Upcoming events


Returns all upcoming events regardless of organizer. Please note that these events are sorted by the event start date, not by query relevance

Example response

Example search response